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Post by yourivdb on Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:08 pm

char:youri de la montana.

main theme: samvel yervinyan legend

battling in normal form(and sometimes resurection): samvel yervinyan pegasus

entering the battlefield and speeching: samvel yervinyan yemu

losing/mistaking/failing: samvel yervinyan amen mi gisher

winning while having a morale lose: samvel yervinyan high mountains(interesting fact:montana means mountain,and the name of the song is high mountain)

relaxing/sad : samvel yervinyan professional

winning/happy(for youri it is more like grinning or laughing): samvel yervinyan areg

being in his arrancar stage(and feeling bad-ass): samvel yervinyan karen's garden

thats it for now.and i know it is all violin but it is his theme xD.anyone else wants to post their chars theme?

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