youri's powers(since there has been some confusion)

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youri's powers(since there has been some confusion)

Post by yourivdb on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:29 am

Name: none(it is not a specific technique)


sould bound:youri has two souls,one arracar and one shinigami.he can use both shinigami and arrancar powers,but shinigami will take much,much longer to train and control.he cannot use both arrancar and shinigami powers at the same time,nor can he change powers in a mere second.(i think at-least once two days,but can be made faster by training)
the arrancar soul is in command,but some times the soul reaper souls takes an attempt to take over,when succeeded the shinigami is in control of the body.(if he would be in the arrancar body it would change to his,even his powers change.BUT taking over the body will take a lot of strength so the shinigami has to rest for at-least 24 hours)

soul merge both the shinigami soul and the arrancar souls merge.the user can only use visual and emotional aspect(so he will not have two powers at the same time).by using this form he gets emotions.this cannot be used by youri de la montana but can be activated with a failing attempt to take over youri's soul by the soul reaper creates a...well..failed arrancar..(since he gets emotions and such)
change of appearance:

History: youri never knew much about this powers,this may change after some experience with it.he did notice sometimes his appearance change and he sometimes is being stopped of doing something bad by..something

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Re: youri's powers(since there has been some confusion)

Post by Thor on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:41 am

nice, APPROVED i guess



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