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Post by nova on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:24 pm

Name: kazu hiyenta
[b]Age: 369
[b]Gender: Male
[b]Ranking: captain of kido troops

[b]Apperance:Kazu hiyenta [WIP] Brain-powered-04 He may perform anken

How your character acts.

History: A paragraph, include before death, after death, and becoming a shini.

[b]Kido Level:10

[b]Sealed Form:
Kazu hiyenta [WIP] D5e1e0afd99d88731ef07bf56923

[b]Zanpakuto Name: Mizu Kanmuri

[b]Zanpakuto Spirit:
Kazu hiyenta [WIP] 5220dc3a2deaf4b22216e8eecc2f37b11289533111_full

[b]Inner World: A beach with clear blue water and the sand is a silver color

[b]Release Phrase: From the dark abyss, destroy the heavens and split the universe in half, Mizu Kanmuri

[b]Shikai Apperance:
Kazu hiyenta [WIP] Bardiche-%5B2%5D-983-p
It is surrounded by blue rietsu

[b]Shikai Abilities: He can turn the rietsu around it it to boiling water for powerful attacks. He can shoot small needles made of boiling water. The move is called Mizu kiba.

[b]Bankai Name:Shinsiena Mizu no okan
[b]Bankai Apperance:
Kazu hiyenta [WIP] Devilarmor
He doesnt have the armour, but he has two of the halberds. He has much more rietsu around his halberds

[b]Bankai Abilities: same as shikai, but every time he hits an opponent, his speed and power increases.

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