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Post by Admin Kurosaki on Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:42 am

Name: Kaminari Ryujin, normally called Kami-Sama but prefers "Ryu"
Age: 67 but looks 16
Gender: Male
Ranking: Head of the First Division of the Gotei Thirteen and the Head Captain.

Kaminari Ryujin Heart_10
except with Shinigami Robes and the First Division Captain's White Coat. The glowing tattoo pic is of him in berserk.

Personaility: Ryu is normally a calm person. He was born a natural leader. He is VERY powerful and at a young age rose through the rankings and eventually when Yamamoto died in battle, he was made the Head Captain. He doesn't particularly like being a leader but he knows he must do it to protect Seireitei. He is easy to befriend and will protect Earth and Seireitei with his life. He takes his job very seriously and will let practically nothing interfere with it. He prefers to be on the battlefield to the dirty work himself rather than letting his fellow commanders do it for him. If any innocent person or one of the people he loves are hurt he will go into a fit of rage and his Berserk will activate, although he has recently learned to control Berserk to a certain extent.

History: He was born in Rukongai into a poor family and after seeing some Shinigami fight he knew he was meant to do it too. He finished the Academy in 6 months and he joined the 1st Division. He quickly proved his worth and after a few months rose to the Third Seat and had achieved Bankai. After witnessing Yamamoto's death he went into a fit of rage unlocking hiss Berserk for the first time and he decided to join in a tournament that would decide the next head. He didn't actually want to be head but he knew he was the one to do it. He won and became the youngest head captain in history and decided to train to master Berserk. He trained in Hueco Mundo for 25 years. He came back as a new man. He was much stronger than any of the other captains. He quickly became friends with many of them. He now prepares for war against the Arrancars.

Kido Level: 7

Sealed Form: It has a black hilt and a two feet long silver blade. It has a gold hand guard.

Zanpakuto Name: Mjolnir

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Kaminari Ryujin DGM%20MidoritoLavi

Inner World: It is a floating golden city. The buildings are viking buildings but they are pure gold. It is called Valhalla.

Release Phrase: From the depths of Hel to the City of Asgard, Destroy All Mjolnir!

Shikai Apperance: It has a silver handle. It has no hand guard. It has a huge 6ft by 2ft silver blade with gold lines running through it.

Shikai Abilities: It can control and create storms and lightning. It can create a golden energy like Getsuga Tensho does with black energy. The technique is called Hanma-Kin.

Bankai Name: Mjolnir Zerstoren

Bankai Apperance: It is a golden hammer with two blunt ends. An eagle is in between the ends.It has a long handle. Many figures and pictures and shapes cover the hammer.

Bankai Abilities: It can create and control storms and lightning to an extreme extent. These elemental capabilities far surpass those of Toshiro's and even Yamamoto's. It can also use Hanma-Kin but even more powerful. It can shrink or grow to extreme sizes. It can absorb the Ryu's reiatsu to create a golden aura around it for extreme destructive capabilities.

Personal Abilties: He has a huge amount of reiatsu and the ability Berserk.

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