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Post by Mana-Kun on Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:23 pm

Name: Gabriel Redwood
Age: 113
Gender: Male
Ranking: 10th Squad Captain


Gabriel Redwood T5vgqsu893
Plus shingami attire.


Like his mother he does not drink. Although his friends try to get him to drink he doesn’t because he is strong willed. People all ways think that Gabriel would be a wild drunk, but he doesn’t need to be drunk to be wild at a party. If there is a party he is there and is usually the singer at them. Parties all ways get wild when Gabriel walks in. Gabriel does not party during the day but he does party hard at night. Some how he all ends up losing his shirt or getting it un buttoned.

Gabriel believes in love and is searching for love. His love is music but he is also searching for someone special. That person needs to have a love for music and animals. If his mother disapproves of this person he will dump them and apologize. He does have the sense to ask his mother why she does not like that person. Gabriel does hit on women sometimes and if he likes a girl. He is sometimes seen making out with different women.

Gabriel likes long walks on the beach with a cool breeze. He often walks in the night walking on the beach in the moonlight. He’s seen all the time on points singing in the moonlight sky. Gabriel’s favourite bird is the white dove and the black raven. He has a large collection of bird feathers and animal scales. He has a special place for his music sheets. That is the key to his heart.

Gabriel like long walks on the beach with a slight breeze. It calms him to a normal calm. He is seen often at the middle of the night looking at the moon. During the day he is seen sitting under a cherry blossom tree. He is heard humming on duty and relaxing. Gabriel loves wind blowing through his hair and also loves to swim. While swimming in the ocean he is well aware of deadly creatures.

Gabriel does not like rude women. If they are skanky he will not even think about going out with them but he will try to get a kiss. He will not pay whores or hookers for sex. Love must be earned! Gabriel will not go on blind dates. He likes both women and men. He is sometimes seen with a man. Gabriel thinks that men are sometimes more understanding then women. He thinks women are more sexually attractive, but they seem to understand what he likes more then men. So this makes him Bisexual.

Gabriel has the highest respect for his mother, April Redwood. He will not sass his mother or disobey his mothers rule. Gab even makes his friends follow his mothers rules. If the friends do not follow the rules they will be asked to leave. He also trusts his mother with anything. He’s a little over protective of his mother. Gabriel is always suspicious of his mothers girl friends and tends not to like them much. People would usually have to fight Gabriel to be able to go out with his mother or before they can fight her.


Gabriel was born into the Redwood family on April the 3rd. It was a beautiful day to have a child. His parents, Jaison, his father and Melody, his mother, where overjoyed to have they’re first child. Gabriel was born on the beach in the human world then brought home to the soul society. They decided to name his Gabriel after the angel of death. People whispers and cursed the child as they walked by. People (souls) muttered under there breath things like, “Oh look the Redwoods have a new Royal brat.” “Oh good, we have more demons in the town.” Some people where nice and happy to know that the couple had there first child. There where some gifts here and there from people who had the money.

Unlike most children in the soul society he had almost everything he ever wanted. But most people never knew what he wanted because he was just a tiny baby. Like most Redwood children he was dressed in pink and red clothing. His clothing had pictures of candy all over it. Most children in the Redwood family wanted to be as spoiled as Gabriel. But behind the scenes the elders of the family were talking under there breath so the others wouldn’t hear. They thought Gabriel’s parents where a threat to the family and they had to be eliminated along with their child. Under that it was a deceiving Redwood leader who didn’t like Gabriel’s parents due to a old fight that is in the past.

Through the next few years many attempts of Gabriel’s family being killed was a fail and the man was furious at these failures. But what the man noticed that Gabriel was all ways playing with something musical when they tried to kill them. So the man got a idea of take the child and kill him first. And he succeeded in it. He was about to kill Gabriel when his parents slammed through the door and found the man about to kill Gabriel. They screamed and Jaison got angry and ran at the man with flaming fists and slammed him into the wall. The man slowly died from lose of blood. But before he died he mutter something under his breath, “Dark kido 5, Curse of lost souls.” Melody heard his words and covered Gabriel quickly. The curse erased Jaisons and Melodys souls to start a new without any memories. Luckily for Gabriel he didn’t disappear but he lost some memories of his parents. He could only remember two faces not names not anything.

Soon after the incident April walked into the room where it happened and saw Gabriel on the ground with a bleeding right eye. What April didn’t know was the past events that where going on before she had found Gabriel. But all she knew is that a child had no parents around so she took him to the elders. The elders had heard of the evil plans of Yoshi. They noticed that Yoshi had cursed Gabriel with a dark kido that could not be undone. The kido had locked away strong memories of his parents. They decided that it would be safer to give Gabriel to April for his own safety. April accepted and took him to the Gotie 13 where he then grew up without knowing who his real parents were. He believed that April was his real mother, but the faces of his real parents all ways come to mind randomly when he feels up set.

Several years had passed from the incident and everything was peaceful. And today was the day the April enrolled him in the Reaper Academy. He was given his student clothing and went to attend his classes. Being Aprils son gave him some special privileges. But being Gabriel he would not take it. He wanted to earn his grades and graduate school. That’s not all Gabriel did during his school days. He partied after school hours all night and formed a temporary band with some friends. They where well known in the soul society and in the Gotie 13. After a few months of being in the school he learned how to use Kido and how to manifest his zanpakuto spirit. Gabriel also learned how to release his sword and how to use it.

It was time for graduation and he was grading at the top of his class and his mother was watching. The white chairs and the flowers lining the walk way made the room seem very peaceful. One after another his friends were called and soon it was his turn to be called. A tall white haired man called out his name and gave him his uniform. It was Captain Hitsugaya of squad 10. Gabriel bowed then walked back to his seat. After the ceremony was over he was sent to his new barracks. His mother phrased him doing suck a good job. Gabriel was happy. Even though he now had a duty to complete he still kept his social and night life active.

Until a few years later on is 112th birth day. He mysteriously disappeared. Gabriel was trying to achieve bankai for years and could not figure it out. So he decided to take the risky way and ask Urahara to show him the dangerous way to achieve bankai. Urahara agreed and took him to the secret spot where Ichigo trained. Gabriel stabbed his sword into the dummy and his Zanpakuto spirit appeared and started to mock him, “So, your going to try to Bankai, are you?” It laughed and mocked him. Eikatenshu reached into his pocket and throw out sever thousand sheets of music. “What one is me?!” He said standing there while attack Gabriel at full strength. Gabriel tried many sheets of paper that didn’t work, until he noticed a shining rainbow note in the sky. He flung him self at it and grabbed it. A large white flash blinded him. After the flash the note turned into a sheet of music saying, “The World” on it. Gabriel walked over to Eikatenshu and whispered in his ear, “This is your song.” Eikatenshu smiled and looked at him, “Good Job” he said with a whisper back in his real voice. That took him several months to achieve. When he got back he noticed a lot of things changed. He arrived back on his birthday and everyone was throwing a party for him and he was very happy.

Sealed Form:

Gabriel Redwood NapoleonSword2

The Sword is about 60cm long. The hilts is wrapped in strong thick black length with foam under it for comfort. At the end of the hilt is a sharp curve that shapes something that looks like it was meant to hold a gem of some kind. Its Guard is very odd. Its about 3cm wide with a whole in the middle. One side of the hilt curves down towards the end of the sword and one goes up towards the tip of the blade. The blade is 5cm high and 1cm thick. It is on a slight outward curve. A golden plating is going half way up the blade with a flower design on it.

Zanpokuto Name: Eikatenshu

Zanpokuto Spirit:

Gabriel Redwood Largea10
Its name Eikatenshu, meaning, Song God. He appears to be about 14 but he much older then that and can sing. His voice can be changed to match any voice. The pitch can change and match that of a girl singing or lowers of that of a guy singing. A beat comes from nowhere and is heard loud and clear. The natural voice of Eika is unknown even to Gab himself sense Eika likes to mock his voice a lot. He often does it to annoy Gab and too have a little fun.

His hair is pure white lays over his face nicely. The eyes are a deep icy blue that look innocent but they aren’t. He is white in skin color and is fairly pale. Thick black eye liner is around his eyes making them more deep and dark. He is thin but surprisingly built. That makes him seem like he can fight and sing at the same time. He wears a pitch black tux with a large red messed up bow that flows in the wind nicely.

Inner World:

Gabriel Redwood Ocean_beach_1-737426

A large white beach with blue waters. No sea weed is seen on the beach. Small waves splash onto the white sands of Gabriel’s inner world. Rocks of all shapes and sizes separate the sands from the grass. Islands are seen in the fair distance in the blue waters. Mountains are at the far end of the beach. They are lined with trees, rocks, flowers and dirt. The sky is clear with not a cloud in it. It seems impossible because you would think there would be perspiration.

Release Phrase: Make It A Party, Eikatenshu

Shikai Apperance:

Gabriel Redwood Mic_pic%201

His old sword has now turned into what appears to be a microphone. It is silver at the top and the base is also silver with chrome on it. But there is some blue on it. It stretches from right under the top of the mic and down past the bottom. Wait, that’s not all. The blade of the sword is now at the end of the mic and is used for close combat. The only difference in the blade is that its shorter, it is about 30cm long.

Shikai Abilities:

(This sound is a peircing vibration. It penitrates through most mater and phsyical forms. Simply plugging your ears would not work, thus to dodge this you would need some other form of defence against the attack. All songs take a post to sing but he still can stay focused on fighting his foes with his close combat skills.)

If I Had You-

Gabriel starts to sing “If I Had You” by Adam Lambert. When he is singing this song it speeds up his attack by 20% and reactions by 10%. But that’s not all. Small little different color orbs of light are seen in the air. They fly at the foe at high speeds and explode on contact. If it explodes on you, you don’t take any damage but you are slowed and you start to feel sleepy. There is a maximum of 6 orbs flying in the sky around Gabriel.

(Lasts 3 of my battle posts)

Mic Amplify-

Gabriel starts to sing into the mic. The sound get amplified, it makes a high pitch sound that is isn’t hear-able but the singing can still be heard. Making his voice go higher with the mic can make buildings crumble to the ground below. It often causes animals to drop to there knees in pain. The damage done to reapers ect, is that it damages there nervous system. Once its damaged that part of the body cant move.

Whispers in the Dark-

Gabriel starts to sing “Whispers in the Dark” by skillet. When singing his song the foes sight becomes near sight and can only see 5x5 vision. While in this state all the nasty evil deeds they have done are now felt in extreme pain. All the sins and pain they caused people they will feel all together.

(vision lasts 4 battle posts|| Pain Lasts 2 posts)

Wake Up-

Gabriel starts to sing “Wake Up” by Story of the Year. This song is used to help allies. When allies hear this song there wounds start to heal and there energy gets revived. But that’s not all of course. The hear-ee has a choice of going to the extreme and losing what they just got or keep it. Going to the extreme means that all there powers are at the extreme level, almost unmatchable. Ex. Tier 2-3 would become 1-3 would become 1-1+ ect. They can still get new cuts that cant be healed, and Gabriel cant heal himself.

(One time only in a tread)

Monochrome no Kiss -

Gabriel starts to sing “Monochrome no Kiss” Opening for Kuroshitsuji. This song makes black feathers fall from the sky. The feathers allow Gabriel to be almost unnoticeable. He can be in front of you one second then behind you the next. If Gabriel lays three kisses on the person, they die.

(This effect stays active after the song it lasts for of my battle posts)

*More songs can be learned over time*

Bankai Name: Tsumibito Eikatenshu

Bankai Apperance:

A song is heard coming from the microphone. The song is “Funhouse” by P!nk. Gabriel rises the microphone into the air then his red and green colors raitsu starts to flow out of it like water. The water flows down of the blade. He puts his mouth under it and starts to drink it.. The raitsu then flows out of his hands and eyes and it starts to make a pink cocoon. Coloured notes are seen floating around the cocoon. The notes then starts to form wings at the back of it. After the wings are formed the cocoon starts to fade away. Gabriel is now visible and he is in a totally new outfit. The outfit is a black tux white red trimming. A red star is over his left eye with a jaggedly red scare going from the bottom of the star down to the bottom of his face. His right hand is now red with a green cross on it. His sword microphone is now a head set with a microphone. The cross on the hand makes a cross sword come out of it. If the sword breaks another one can be made.

Bankai Abilities:

(monochrome no kiss is still a ability)

Microphone Amplify x100-

Gabriel sings into the mic making a high pitch sound like the lower version. It has the same effects has the lower version. But the pitch can get so high it breaks skin making a very painful cut. The cut can gradually gets bigger and can possibly cut off limbs. It can also reflect attacks that are 3 tier higher then him, or push them away, depending on the size.

Microphone Amplify x-100

Gabriel sings a into the microphone making a low pitch sound. It can reverse or redirect projectile attack that are 3 tiers higher then himself. The low pitch can also make the foe feel heavy so it slows the person by 5%.

Dead Memories-

Gabriel starts to sing “Dead Memories” by Slipknot. This song is a stronger and more deadly version of Whispers In The Dark. But along with the super pain from the evil things the person has done they also feel the good things they have done and they both cause super pain. This pain can possibly cause suicide at the maximum.

(pain lasts for 2 enemy posts after the song is over and vision 3 of my posts after the song is over.)

The World-

Gabriel starts to sing “The World” by Nightmare. This song sends a strong pulse of dark energy through the battle field. The sky fills with dark black clouds that shock down blue and red lightning in the distance. It brings heavy winds with it. Soon after the song is over he says “ Swords of Revolution”. 3 Glowing sword are seen floating around him. Each sword has a different color and element. The swords fly at the foe or ground. Once hitting something it changes the environment to whatever the element of the sword is. If the sword is brown and hit’s the ground large mountains appears and tries to hit the foe. If the sword is blue and it hit’s the foe or the ground, it turns into water, hitting the ground it turns into a large lake. If its green and it hit’s the ground large spiked vines make a large forest of large sharp spiked vines, of course they are aimed around hitting the foe. But that’s not all. After this is done Gabriel can make large creatures out of the elements. The water one is a hydra with poisonous water partials that do not effect Gabriel. The ground one turns into a giant rock golem nothing to special about him but he can re-grow body parts by eating solids. The sharp and spiky vines become a large spider, it can paralyze a foe if it hits them with a spike, it can also re-grow body parts.

( creatures lasts for 5 of my battle posts)


Gabriel starts to sing “Disturbia” by Rihanna. When this song is active his speed increases by 40% and power by 25%. Also when he is finished singing time seems to slow down a bit for him. If a attack was coming at him at 40mph it would be 20mph.

(Stays in effect for 4 of my battle posts)

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