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Post by Mana-Kun on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:01 pm

Name:Ren Miyamoto
Age: 467


Ren Miyamoto Commis10


Ren can be a real bitch. When she wants something done get it done as soon as possible as she gets quickly impatient and annoyed. She doesn’t like waiting or loud noises. She prefers to read and study the history of bounts or what society believes are vampires, but really arnt. She can be fairly sexy with her clothing choices and often will flirt with guys to get their attention. But sometimes it doesn’t work sometimes it does. She doesn’t believe in trusting her life in anyones elses hands, and she doesn’t hide her mistakes. If she knows someone wants to live through a battle shell look at them as she knows the chances of dieing are always there, “If you want get out alive, run for your life.” She often tells them.


Ren was born as a child to another lost bount. She gained the bount genes. So she grew up normal like any other person but past a certain age, she stopped aging. She grew slightly upset until her mother told her about their genes. Ren was rather interested and smiled, but little did she know her mother was started a group for bounts. Her mother put her under training until she unlocked her vey first doll, Feza. It was a red bird doll had was rather rash to begin with but she loved it none the less. Over the next 100 years she trained and read books on bounts more. After she read another summoning book she got her second doll, Joka. It looked somewhat like a demonic clown. Soon after that her mother retired and she took over the bount group making ti official in the next hundred years,after gaining her 3rd doll, Taiya. This one has its mouth put over with steel and it had for wheels. Ren contuined to gather up more and more bounts so they could hold their own. Recently she gained a new doll named Roru. Which looks like a armadillo


Doll Name: Feza

Doll Sealed Apperance: What A red feather pen.

Doll Apperance: Bird in pic.

Doll Personaility: Feza is a very loyal doll. He doesn’t fight with his master, and he agrees with her on everything. Although in battle he is quiet and collective, watching his oppents attacks carefully waiting for a sign of weakness.

Doll Abilities: This doll can fly through any winds without a problem as its wings are 100000x harder than normal bird wings but also as light as normal bird wings. He can shoot large blasts of element out of his mouth. He can only fire out lightning, fire, ice and water. They can also be fired like a laser. When combined with her she gets its wings and its neck is down one of her arms and the beck goes over the top of her hand allowing her to shot of the elements out of her palm.
Doll Name: Joka

Doll Sealed Apperance: Joker Card

Doll Apperance: The joker like creature in the pic.

Doll Personaility:

Joka is just what he is a joker. He laughs and has fun a lot doing random stuff to pee people off. He is very sneaky and takes things from others when he gets the chance. But he protects his queen none the less.

Doll Abilities: Joker can travel through darkness and shadows. He can stick one arm in and pull you into a shadow making you pop out somewhere else. His hands are razor sharp, he can cut any sealed zanpokuto. He also and shot condensed balls of darkness at people and break bones. When he combines with Ren, Ren gets his claws on the left hand. She gains his abilities.
Doll Name: Taiya

Doll Sealed Apperance: A miniature toy bike wheel that she keeps as an earring.

Doll Apperance: The one on wheels in the pic

Doll Personaility: He cant talk and is very much like a child. He loves his speed and will often be jumping around. He is known as a speed demon.

Doll Abilities: He has the ability to move at super high speeds. His tires can create electricity and create a magnetic field on whatever it touches. It also grows spikes on its tires when needed. When combined with Ren she gets two small wheels on each foot that give her his ability.
Doll Name: Roru

Doll Sealed Apperance: A small round earring that when dropped on the ground it grows into the dolls true form.

Doll Apperance: the last one in the pic

Doll Personaility: Roru is a rather nasty and loner type. He doesn’t like to listen but he likes to fight all the time. He works alone and doesn’t accept help from the other dolls.

Doll Abilities: He has the ability to turn anything without a soul in it to turn to sand instently. Anything with a soul he has to keep picking at it and it will slowly turn to sand. He can also grow claws that are as sharp as Jokas.

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Post by Thor on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:23 pm

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Post by Luke-sensei on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:16 pm

idk y but i was going back and looking at all the characters and saw roru the last doll. he can turn anything that doesn't have a soul into sand instantly so he can destroy any weapon that is not a zanpakuto. I'd say godmodding. And how exactly does he turn things into sand because for things with souls, because you could be fighting someone and turning them into sand while fighting so they would have to win quickly or they would die. Say you fought Admins char Aryu who is head of a group of gods. If you apparently kept dodging his atttacks until you turned him into sand then easily destroy him. And a new rule on the site is one extremely powerful char per person except for fantaji because they are gods literally

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