Tokugawa Family (Grimmjows Family)

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Tokugawa Family (Grimmjows Family) Empty Tokugawa Family (Grimmjows Family)

Post by Mana-Kun on Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:05 pm

Yes this is the family of Grimmjow, and Akemi, his Shinigami spouse. Grimmjow risked his life for his family causing his death, but he left behind his 8 children, who are all half arrancar, half shinigami. Each gneration came in sets of twins. Each set had one boy ne girl. Every girl had blue eyes and hair while the boys had black hair and brown or black eyes. These children each have a kida seal on them locking away their powers but it is fairy easy to break with someone stronger than them. These are the 8 children. The children are open to play as but the 8 year olds which will be npced.


(me) Kouji Tokugawa (B) - (G) Luna Tokugawa (yang)


(Luke-Sensei) Yukio Tokugawa (B) - (G) ________ Tokugawa


____ Tokugawa (B) - (G) ________ Tokugawa


____ Tokugawa (B) - (G) ________ Tokugawa

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