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Post by Kensei on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:17 pm

Name: Sho Corvino
Age: 125
Gender: Male
Ranking: 3rd seat of Squad 10

Sho Corvino Attachment
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 170 Lbs

Personaility: Sho is a very defensive individual that will protect anyone important to him in addition to being a party animal. His work is also very important to him, and he is an experienced mechanic, able to really play an electric guitar, and a lifelong Hitman. He always keeps himself busy with one thing or another, and he prefers it that way. Yet, he does like to party sometimes, even though he is sometimes really uptight. When you get past his rough exterior, Sho is a very soft individual that cares about the people who are most important to him.

Positive Traits:

☆ Hard Worker
☆ Optimistic
☆ Protector
☆ Good with guns and anything electronic or mechanical in nature
☆ Understanding and caring

Negative Traits:

★ Short temper
★ Easily excited
★ Sometimes aggressive
★ Tends to strip time to time
★ Sometimes plays rough


✓ Fighting and Training
✓ Spending time with friends
✓ Whoever likes him
✓ Working
✓ Wolfs and dogs

History: Sho was born as the son of a famous Japanese female musician, known popularly as Yuki, and a Hitman called Romio Corvino. At an early age; Sho's mother taught him her musical genius, and his father taught him how to be a Hitman. Sho actually enjoyed being taught both of these things, and loved his parents very much. However, his life took a terrible turn 8 years ago when he was coming home from school. That day, he came home to find both of his parents shot to death multiple times with blood splattered everywhere. However, Sho was fortunate that the killer was already being arrested by the police. As a son of a Hitman, Sho did have a pistol for protection, but he was glad that he didn't have to use it now. Sho, unfortunately, was given custody to his uncle in Italy by this time. In Italy, his uncle finished teaching him to be a Hitman as his father intended.

Unfortunately, shortly after five years of a life as a Hitman, Sho was diagnosed with an illness that made him "hallucinate" that he could see spirits that were still attached to the human plane of existence. No one would believe him and he was believed to be psychotic and a danger to the Vatican. However, he would have died of a breakdown if he hadn't been euthanized by the local priests that believed that he should continue his professional career somewhere that he could be truly understood. After his organized death, he was sent directly to Soul Society via Konso.

After one century of intense training in Soul Society and attending Shinigami Academy, he was finally recruited into the higher ranks of Squad 10. However, he was also sent a recommendation for Squad 2; but he just thought that it would be best if he became part of a band in his afterlife. He is responsible for teaching Kensei Shirohana how to be such a great fighter, and Kensei still refers to Sho as "Sensei".

Kido Level: 7-8

Sealed Form: Sho Corvino BCRichMetalMasterWarlockElectric-1

Zanpakuto Name: Koutetsu

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Sho Corvino %5Blarge%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dscans_Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn_NekoiEchizen(0_71)__THISRES__199523

Inner World: It looks a lot like a metropolis like New York City, Tokyo, or Chicago.

Release Phrase: Morph and cry, Koutetsu!

Shikai Apperance: Koutetsu has no definite form, but it is capable of becoming a metallic clone of Sho.
Sho Corvino 027_-_Gajeel_after_Natsu%27s_breath

Shikai Abilities: Koutetsu is capable of morphing itself or surrounding metal into any form, according to Sho's imagination.

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Post by Thor on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:04 pm


Sho Corvino XF9Sho Corvino Z
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