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Post by Thor on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:33 pm

Name: Mika Yazuri
Age: 110
Gender: Female
Ranking: 10th division 4th seat

Mika Yazuri Girl_by_osy057

Personaility: She likes to dress like she is goth, but she isn’t. She is sweet and caring, and is all around a nice person. She can not stand pervs, however, and will smack them in the face. Although, she may bring this apon herself because of the way she dresses. She likes metal music, and anything that is not country or rap. She is also very loyal to her division and will do anything to save her captain. She sees her captain as her best friend and has almost no relationship with the other members, however.

History: She was born is soul society 77 division and grew up with very old fashioned parents who didn’t listen to music and planned for Mika to marry young and keep the family going. Mika, rebelling this went goth and started listening to metal music. Her parent were furios and threw her out. She then turned to the only occupation she could think of: street performing. She took up drums and became quite good. One day, a man by the name of Redwood saw her perform, and also saw her spiritual level and trained her personally, without even going into the academy. It was then when she attained her spirit and trained with her shiki. Redwood then put her in her division in 4th seat. She has not bonded with any other of her subordinates and only responded to redwood. This is where she is now.

Kido Level: 8

Sealed Form: A normal katana

Zanpakuto Name: Sutikku

Zanpakuto Spirit: Mika Yazuri Emo_Boy_by_emo_girl_anime

Inner World: A ampithiter with many people watching and a single drumset set up on the stage

Release Phrase: Headbang: Sutikku

Shikai Apperance: 2 drumsticks

Shikai Abilities:
The drumsticks can be coated in reitsu and used as knifes, also I makes different parts of a drumset appear made out of rietsu and went hit they have a plethora of effects
Bass: this makes a shockwave shooting anyone back with extreme force
Snare: Rattles the earth
Cymbols: Send a sonicboom at the enemy
Toms: when hit shoots a musical note at the enemy that blows up

Bankai Name: what is the name of your bankai, must include previous name. And this is the name you will call out to use bankai. japanese please.

Bankai Apperance: What does your bankai look like, outfit may change.

Bankai Abilities: What is your bankai abilities.

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Post by Mana-Kun on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:40 pm


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