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Post by Mana-Kun on Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:38 pm

Name: Rena Takeshi
Age: 234
Gender: Female
Ranking: 4th Lt


Rena Takeshi NOAT


Rena is a sweet girl, normaly happy and never depressed. Her tone is always upbeat and cheerfull. She loves to help people with their chores and even cook for people. She loves being a part of squad 4 as she hates to fight people and injure them. Rena is a rather girly girl though. She loves flowers and anything cute that comes in site, she, in the real world, would wear dress, skirts blouses anything girly that she loves and that is fuzzy. She also loves the little tiny animals that run freely around. But she has a rather scary dark side if you want to piss her off which will take a lot. She will slaughter you no problem as she will use her real release.


Rena was born into royalty. She had everything, jewels, ponies, her own mansion, life sized Barbie and ken dolls. Every boy liked her because of her stunning buaty and choice in clothing. She was a true lady in every way she acted until she denied a boy nicely but he took it the wrong way. He raped her, and then killed her. Yes, very sad. She was now in the coul society. After being there for a year or so she found out about her shinigami powers. She went to the school and unlocked her shikai, in secrecy though. She faked her real release by using her zanpokutos favorite flower instead of the name. When Rena got out she kept her real one hidden so she could stay in the 4th squad. So far its worked well. Over time she hasn’t needed to use her real shikai yet. She mastered bankai alone in her own area away from everyone else but hide it as she didn’t want to be a captain and stay LT of the 4th squad.

Kido Level: 9
Sealed Form:

Rena Takeshi Swords-samurai-swords-steel-blade-d-samurai-gentle-flower-sword-sets

Zanpakuto Name: Tanpopo (favorite flower) Chihime (real name)

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Rena Takeshi 784322-45345_large

Rena Takeshi Rena
(Battle Form)

Inner World: A Large dump that doesn’t smell or anything. Dandelions sprouting up everywhere with a single tree in the middle.

Release Phrase: Wake Up, Tanpopo (fake release)
Slaughter, Chihime

Shikai Apperance: For the fake release it does not change. For the real release it changes into a large hooked cleaver like in the battle form.

Shikai Abilities: The fake release has the ability to give off small spores that can heal a large amount of problems, just not regrow limbs and organs. The real release is very very deadly. He speed and power increases to the extreme amounts. Its real ability though is to basically degenerate anything the blade touches at a 10000x rate. She can send waves of this ability at people, embed it in things, it can also make someone who is dead her walking puppet. But controlling the blood in them she can move their bodys around like a doll. She can also manipulate blood that is visible.

Bankai Name: Akuma Chihime

Bankai Apperance: See battle form for spirit form. Her eyes go into slits and turn blue, her facial expressions are now that of an insane murderous person.

Bankai Abilities:

Now, her bankai probably the most, deadly out there. This time she has two large cleavers. When her bankai is active the area goes bitch black with only blood glowing and giving off light along with random red orbs floating around. Now in her bankai she is almost unmatchable in power and speed. She’s strong enough to shatter a large buiding with a single swing of her cleavers. Each cleaver now has a chain on the botton that can keep extending the more she spins the cleavers. When in this form anything she touches is being degenerated were she touched at an alarming rate. She can not degeneration things that have healing properties and are always quickly regeneration, and only things that are in her dome of blackness. Rena during degeneration absorbs our blood to heal her wounds she has but it will only heal minor cuts and bruses. Her control of blood allows her to make little minions of blood or clones of other people with real color and everything. They can even be of dead people. They have the same abilities of that person, but they are all really made of blood and do no damage. In this form Rena can fade away into the shadows and blend in perfectly with the tones of red light and such.

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