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Post by Crow on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:15 pm

Name: Shusei Onishima
Age: 301
Gender: male
Ranking: Captain of squad 3


A normal White captains cloak but with the Long sleeved black Shinigami clothing under it cut in the sleeves.Only seeing the Captains cloack but no shinigami Clothing on the sleeves.

Personaility: Acts Calm, He doesnt believe in violence unless needed. Runs off to entertain himself and Abandon his work every once in awhile (being daily), usually going to a men and Women shared Spa. Hopiing hed have the chance to see women around there. Only the people in his Squad and some of the captains know about this. Shusei also has the tendency to not use his Bankai unless absolutely needed. He also believes that out of battle you should Enjoy yourself, but during battle the death of your enemy must come after the safety of your squad mates.

History: Grew up a Womanizer, having many girls around him and was accostumed to his time of Horses and Women bowig to every man they met. After he was murdered by one of the women he betrayed he wondered the world un-happily, regreting falling into temptation he watched all of them move on without him.. one with his son. Shusei neglected not telling them, He wished hed never done any of it. A soul reaper came from behind and promised him a ticket to a better world, Shusei took it and ended up in the soul society, after 20 years of being a mortal he wondered the soul society for 20 more years wondering why most of the people around him seemed to lose their breath when around him. When the same soul reaper who saved him found him he noticed his spiritual pressure, it was the same as his. The Soul Reaper sent him to the academy promising him a great Future. When Shusei Appeared at the Academy he desided to work hard, even if it was only for the semesters in the Academy. He ended up being exceptional at Combat Showing he had great future in it. His Kido needed some work but it was in the basics. Shusei after defeating most of the people in the Academy on a spar was recognized and sent to the 13 court guard squads as a normal soul reaper, soon he learned His Shikai and was promoted to a lieutenant of squad 3. 10 years after all this happened (40 years total) He learned his Bankai in a freak accident trying to protect His Nakama from a low-class Arrancar. His Bankai dominated and defeated the Arrancar almost instantly.After being put as the squad 3 captain he desided to go back to the old ways. Enjoying every chance he got to look at women.. mostly he'd hang around in mixed Spas. Looking but if he ever truely had the chance to touch one his face would turn red and have a massive Nose bleed.

Kido Level: 0

Sealed Form: What does your zanpokutou look like when its not released?

Zanpakuto Name: Haretzu

Zanpakuto Spirit:

He acts like a Jack ass, Saying that he doesn't want to be alone all his life. Complains to him about the make-up of the place.

Inner World: In the world there are destroyed Ruins everywhere, making it look like a catastrohy happened, The area is only black and white making the aura of the place deppressing. The only life inside is the Spirit he has, making it look like hes alone, and used to it.Theres allways a moon outside.

Release Phrase: Explode Haretzu..

Shikai Apperance: His Sword turns into a Larger then average sword, Turning the Blade Black and the Hilt with rings around it (they do not ring), the rings are around the hilt not the handle.

Shikai Abilities:Anything the Sword Touches Explodes (excluding Shusei whos immune to the explosions the sword makes), the sword If explodes will shater anyone 3rd seat and under (example if it hits a 3rd seats arm it will dissapear with the explosion). If the explosion hits a lieutenant it will only severely hurt them in the part that exploded. If used on a captain Extc. It will hurt them equally only giving them an injury that will leave a bad Burn image, possibly scaring the person. Multiple strikes would increase the damage in the same area.

Bankai Name: MeiMei Haretzu

Bankai Apperance: Bankai doesnt have apearence, the sword dissappears. Making him appear without a weapon.

Bankai Abilities: The bankai makes the sword dissappear making all the Reitsu around him Combustible. In this form he creates invisible bombs Of reitsu, Which are highly dangerous. He can make them appear from the Reitzu in the air. The more reitsu sorrounds him the stronger the bombs, and Explosions.His strongest technique in Bankai is Genbaku, which allows him to use all the reitsu in the air in one big massive explosion. (If Shusei is caught up in the explosion he will not be immune to damage from it)

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