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Post by Mana-Kun on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:26 pm

Name: Belleza “Belle/Bell” Cielo “Mistress of Weapons”

Age: 17
Gender: Female


Belleza Cielo 54624110

Belleza Cielo 54623110


Belle is a rather quiet girl. She doesn’t like to talk to many people and is seen doodling on sheets of paper drawing out some OC manga characters. Although she is very smart in science, art, family studies, and maths. Belle is also known as the sharp shooter as she is leader of the archery club and scares any boy around her. In truth she is shy when she is out of her element or around boys, hence why most of the archery club are female. When she is battling she is serious and takes her role as a quincy to the extremes. Belle is also a bitch in battle and calls everyone stupid as they don’t think with logic and with common sense. She also can pick on certain people and say things like “Maybe you could run if youd stop eating those walmart cheetos.” Or “get moving fat ass, god your stupid.”


Belle was born to quincy parents. She was known as a pureblood quincy. Although soon after her 4th birthday both parents were killed in a car accident and her grandmother took her in. Although granny was slightly violent she taught Belle the way of the quincy, Whacking her with her cane, slapping her starving her, anything to get her to learn it. And Belle did. Her aim was almost dead on and not only was she best at old style quincy abilities shes now had done the same thing with gun. She gained the nickname “Mistress of Weapons” As she can hide any weapon on her body without anyone seeing them. She could have a shot gun in your sleeve for all you know.


Sealed Bow: A golden ring with a diamond cross.

Bow: 2 long bows put together, one on its side with the other normal. Strings connect in the middle to give a swift strong shot. It is made out of purple reitsu.

Bow Ability:

Belles bow has the ability to shot 5 arrows at once that split into smaller arrows multiplying it by 2. It will keep doing this until there are 9999 arrows made. Her other type of arrow is an exploding one. Its explosion is bigger the more she charges the arrow, this will not split. She had darts that can do the same thing, ninja stars that can rip through concrete and cement, guns that do the same as the arrows but over a longer distance, and not as precise.

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Post by Luke-sensei on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:33 pm


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