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Post by Mana-Kun on Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:07 pm

Name: Phoenix

Powers: Tochi has the power to control, create, dispel and raise the temperature of fire. Tochi also has the true form of a phoenix. He gains the natural abilities of one, such as healing tears and flight. He can be reborn from ashes that he creates when he dies hence recreating his soul. Although after death the life cycle restarts.

History: Tochi has died 3 other times 1000 years apart. He is known to be feared and other things from it but each one looks different and its fallen into myth. All the previous ones are known to be evil and have a large amount of rage. Hence giving Tochi the memories of the others. Although each one has their own distinct personaility.

Phoenix {Tochi} BaR Phoenix {Tochi} 8
Phoenix {Tochi} CFA Phoenix {Tochi} I
Phoenix {Tochi} 3 Phoenix {Tochi} Li
Phoenix {Tochi} L3 Phoenix {Tochi} REa
Phoenix {Tochi} Q Phoenix {Tochi} WQH

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