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The Gotei Thirteen Empty The Gotei Thirteen

Post by Mana-Kun on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:08 pm


1st Division Captain/Head Captain- Kaminari Ryujin

  • Lieutenant - Kaminari Kazetenshi

2nd Division Captain- Shadou Surieya

  • Lieutenant- Yagami Sin

3rd Division Captain- Shisei Onishima

4th Division Captain-

  • Takeshi Rena

5th Divison Captain- Hishimari Zangaru

6th Divison Captain-

7th Divison Captain-

8th Divison Captain-

9th Divison Captain- Niashi Kuro

10th Divison Captain- Gabriel Redwood

  • Lieutenant- Jack Reaper
  • 3rd Seat- Sho Corvino
  • 4th Seat- Mika Yazuri

11th Divison Captain- Yammakenshi Ryo.

12th Divison Captain-

13th Divison Captain-

  • Zen Nashigori

The first dot in each set is lieutenant and the 2nd is 3rd seat.

God and Archangels are the strongest Shinigami made specifically to beat Gurin's horsemen and himself.

God- Kaminari Ryujin


  • Ryo Yammakenshi- Angel of Battle
  • Kazetenshi Kaminari- Angel of Hope
  • Gabriel Redwood- Angel of Death


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The Gotei Thirteen Empty Re: The Gotei Thirteen

Post by Luke-sensei on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:54 pm

Kaze - Angel of Hope and Strength

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